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Something that I see a lot of in artists online who tend towards “furry” characters is this general cartoony caricature of a dog-person… but every one of them looks the same, whether a dog, wolf, fox, whatever.  So I did a very (very) quick sketch illustrating how this “generic human-dog” face could be improved to clarify what the devil your audience is looking at!

Not all dogs look the same… and very, VERY few, if ANY, have a muzzle that bulges out after the forehead before tapering to the nose. The muzzle is a gentle taper from the slope and small (SMALL!!) bump of the forehead to the tip of the little black gumdrop.  The exact shape of this muzzle depends on what kind of dog you’re drawing!

And by God, please – not every dog has satellite dishes for ears.

Study the original animal you’re referencing, and try to figure out what the key recognizeable features of that animal are, BEFORE trying to caricature them!

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