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‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Doesn’t Work With Chronic Illness



Instead, the options are:

‘Fake It Till You Are So Ill You Can’t Get Out Of Bed’

‘Fake It Till You Have A Flare’

‘Fake It Till You Have A Flare, Continue To Fake It Till You’re Hospitalised‘


‘Accept That You Have One Or More Chronic Illnesses, Adapt Accordingly And Look After Yourself’

This is really important. I grew up believing I had to just use mind over matter to power past my symptoms, and that eventually led to a complete mental and physical breakdown that left me unable to walk on my own for a month. We really need to get rid of the idea that people aren’t trying hard enough if they don’t push themselves to the breaking point. It can be really harmful to pretend you’re okay when you’re not, especially if you’re struggling with chronic illnesses. It’s okay to accept that you have limitations and set boundaries so you’re not hurting yourself trying to keep up with able-bodied people.

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