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Do white people have even an ounce of chill

IIRC she to “sue” (it was like a dollar) because her insurance wouldn’t pay for the cost of the hospital stuff until there was a law suit to address damages. Hence her smiling like it’s a goofy thing.

Oh well jeez. >:/ MEDIA RAGE

Yeah, it emerged afterwards that this was a lawsuit to try to trigger a homeowner’s insurance claim to cover medical bills, and that Connell remains on perfectly good terms with her nephew with no actual stress or tension within the family.

Yeah, this is a case of someone getting fucked over by health insurance and using their own loophole against them.

The media loves this narrative of people filing “ridiculous” lawsuits but actually MOST of those stories are distorted bullshit.

Wow, I never knew the full context of the story. I just heard it vaguely on Buzzfeed or wherever and thought “Wow, what a bitch.”

‘Frivolous lawsuits’ are a myth invented by unethical corporations to discredit the consumers and laborers they’ve screwed over.

Like the old lady who got third degree burns with coffee and sued McDonalds. Everyone foamed at the mouth, but turned out, Mickey D’s was negligent

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