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Plectronoceras, the oldest cephalopod

If you’ve ever played a Japanese RPG, this is the kind of first common enemy you’ll encounter when you finally reach the water level.

Though it’s not entirely wrong. Plectronoceras is the oldest confirmed cephalopod that lived around 500 million-years-ago. Its anatomy slightly resembles that of cephalopods’ close relatives, the snails. Think of it as a snailish thingy that floats around just above the seafloor.

No complete Plectronoceras fossil has been found to date, but its shape matches the hypothetical cephalopod ancestor predicted by paleontologists.

AAAND this wraps up my cephalopods series. The full plate will go live when I’m done with the accompanying text, though if you feel generous and would like to see it early, it’s already up on my patreon.

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