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October 07 2017

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(x) Pokemon Zodiac, it took a lot of time but is finally finished.

I actually really like this

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Tiny potatoes for my custom operator doll







(find them here.)

you can’t imagine how relieved I was to scroll past the first pic and see that it was, in fact, dogs that OP had in mind for these


That is legitimately adorable for pretty much any type of pet at all.

CBeebies Are Getting Praise For A Show About Autism Voiced By Autistic Children




According to the article, all the voice actors are autistic and the show asked autistic writers to write episodes. It looks like it’s a mix of live action and animation and it doesn’t say if the live action actor is also autistic. Being in the US, I can’t access the show (it’s on CBeebies in the UK), but it sounds like it’s good representation.

this is exciting and i need to find how to watch this

Oh my gosh, I want to see this. I want to watch this and relate to it deeply and cry for hours.

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we are all truly blessed on this day

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My submission for ArtOrder’s Tiny Dragons project! This was made with my usual mess of watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on 8x8″ hotpress watercolor paper…this time I really tried to pin down the value structure of the whole piece, and I’m feeling good about that aspect of it. :D 

Prints available here

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Wow everyone look at this- this is an amazing tablet, and I wish I had seen it before I just dropped $170 on a small intuos 5

This is called a Tursion  Huion tablet- looks pretty simple right- kind of like a bamboo

here’s the thing. This tablet has 2024 levels of pressure- that is the equivalent  to the pressure an intuos 5 currently has (retail price: $229 for the smallest)

You can get this lovely  tablet for under $50 dollars on amazon

Only thing this beautiful table it lacking is a few simple buttons, but still, I mean, its drawing area is even bigger on average then most Wacom’s small tablets- and from the reviews ive seen on it people are very impressed….so just spreading the word around that Wacom isn’t the only one that is making good tablets- the more the company is  spread perhaps they will come out with even better products that not only match up to Wacom, but are with in our price range for once!

You an buy one below at the link!


I literately just bought one of these and got it today omfg, its great you guys ok!

Reblogging for my drawing friends.

Reblogging to spread the word, it has good reviews and is a great alternative to WACOM.

I’ve been using a Huion for the last few months and I LOVE it. Mine cost me $75 and it’s comparable to a $200-$300 Intuos). You don’t need to break the bank for the sake of digital art!! Wacom isn’t the only choice for a quality product anymore.

Gave this to my sister a few years ago and the pen broke (because I dropped it off a shelf RIP) and it was super easy to replace.


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Robot Spirits -SIDE JAEGER- Bracer Phoenix “Pacific Rim: Uprising”

Size: Approx. H150mm
Material: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Optional hand part x left, right
-Optional gun part (chest)
-Optional gun part (back)

Bracer Phoenix, the Jaeger that fights together with the protagonist in “Pacific Rim: Uprising”, is turned into a figure.
The shooting mode can be recreated by removing the armor on the chest and back and replacing it with other parts.

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Testing my new style on the Mane 6!

Got them all together and then separate!

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I haven’t posted a lot of TAZ art over the years, barring my Refuge piece, but the moment Griffin described Carey’s wedding dress in the finale this design crystallized in my brain, fully-formed. Had to commit it to paper. ❤️

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transparent deer lick

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John Boyega as Jake Pentecost in Pacific Rim Uprising

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Misty Days

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any of you ever stand with your hands kinda touching together sorta like this

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I can’t add links as im on mobile but here’s a big batch of commissions for @yuurei’s lovely snakes!
They’re on my redbubble shop! 🐍🐍🐍

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If you’re around 18 and you dont find this nostalgic I feel bad for your childhood

I had that EXACT Doodle Bear! I actually thrifted it in college back in the late 2000s. I gave it to my young niece.

I’m 27 and I remember all this stuff. Some of it my parents never let me have because they deemed it “too dangerous”. I played with my niece’s ones as her mom got her everything.

I’m 34 and I remember most of this - and would be profoundly surprised if 18-year-olds did.

Y'all just keep stabbing me in the fucking heart with these, just stabbing me. You’re murdering me.

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