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February 03 2018

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Plectronoceras, the oldest cephalopod

If you’ve ever played a Japanese RPG, this is the kind of first common enemy you’ll encounter when you finally reach the water level.

Though it’s not entirely wrong. Plectronoceras is the oldest confirmed cephalopod that lived around 500 million-years-ago. Its anatomy slightly resembles that of cephalopods’ close relatives, the snails. Think of it as a snailish thingy that floats around just above the seafloor.

No complete Plectronoceras fossil has been found to date, but its shape matches the hypothetical cephalopod ancestor predicted by paleontologists.

AAAND this wraps up my cephalopods series. The full plate will go live when I’m done with the accompanying text, though if you feel generous and would like to see it early, it’s already up on my patreon.

WIPs and ramblings are available on Patreon

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My good bud @coffeepassm’s lovely lizard Red for day 3 of fanbruary. Their art is awesome and you should give it a look-see if you like them furry stuffs

Hmmmm, I feel like I just did this color scheme yesterday… xD


I realise it’s a very minor peeve to set alongside much more serious concerns, but you know what gets me about the whole “the males are big gnarly monsterboys and the females are human ladies wearing body paint” trope in fantasy critter design?


That is, the size, shape and arrangement of the teeth.

Evolutionary speaking, dietary needs and opportunities dictate dentition; you develop different sorts of teeth for different types of diets. Even if we’re talking about a magically created species and evolution isn’t a factor, let’s assume for the sake of argument that whoever created them knew what they were doing and gave them the correct sort of teeth for their dietary needs.

So if the males and females have totally different dentition, that only makes sense if we’re proposing that the sexes have totally different dietary needs.

Imagine a sapient species where 50% of them are obligate carnivores adapted to a feast-and-fast intake cycle, and the other 50% are generalist omnivores adapted to frequent small meals.

If they’re meant to be a natural species, what sort of bizarre evolutionary pressures would yield that arrangement? Extreme dietary dimorphism is practically unheard-of in nature, at least among land-dwelling vertebrates, so the explanation has gotta be a good one!

And what sort of society would they build as a result?

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In honor of Black History Month, let’s show some love to all of the great black actors of the MCU!

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This whole thread is a blessing. 🙌🏾 #BlackCulture

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Кажется на мою кровать легла черная дыра и замурчала …

“it seems a black hole feel asleep on my bed and started purring…”


I can remember occasions when a black hole (Lilith and Pip, to be exact) fell asleep on my head and started purring. The effect was not unlike an electric toothbrush wrapped in a pillow, and rather pleasant.




Play D&D with anyone you wouldn’t want to go on a 3 hour car trip with.

D&D is a 3-4 hour car trip except there are rules and goblins and rules goblins

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the most important thing to me ever is bi kids knowing that it’s ok to be 10% attracted to women and 90% attracted to men or 10% attracted to men and 90% attracted to women and still feeling ok to identify as bi, and still feeling like their identity is valid, and still feeling like they can lead fulfilling lives with both (or other) genders. like that’s just so fricking important.

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I’m getting ready to climb this clay-rich slope. What are you up to?

Yes, I took this selfie. Here’s how: https://go.nasa.gov/2DXwofq

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Ctl C ,Ctl V, Ctl V, Ctl V, Ctl V, Ctl V, Ctl V, Ctl V, Ctl V.

Photo by tinyredbeans

Hurrah for copycats.



I am not a straight people.

Reblog if you are also not a straight people.

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My second big product is now available for purchase!
Fitzhywel’s Fantastical Paraphernalia: Caves and Tunnels
43 modular map tiles and bonus tokens!

Each tile is 6 inches by 6 inches and designed to connect to several other tiles in the set

The set includes collection of single rooms and corridors.
Several larger rooms composed of 2 or 4 swappable tiles.
Extender tiles that make the 2 tile rooms longer (3 or more)
Extender tiles that make the 4 tile rooms larger (9 tiles or more)
2 sheet of bonus tokens to be cut out and used to mark traps, or cave in unwanted tunnels or to add additional features.

Each tile is lightly gridded and comes with icons to show things like difficult terrain or changes to height. They also come with a number in the top corner, so that you can work out the map pre game and record what bit goes where to reveal it to your players a tile at a time.

Available as

Physical Product on card stock
The physical card product comes with each map flipped and repeated on the back of its tile, to increase the available angles and fits.


Print it yourself!
The ‘print an play’ PDF comes with a single map to a page so you can print what you want when you want. (You may want to print flipped versions to get all passage in/out variations)


Play Digitally on the Roll20 app
Note the Roll20 version is split into 2 cheaper products, the Maps and the icons.



If you want to pick up a deck of NPCs while your at it, you can do that also :)
All Fitzhywel’s Fantastical Paraphernalia are created my me, a solo independent artist, making the assets I’d like to see in game.

Please Re-blog :) and may your games always be amazing!

Reblog for the flip-side mob :)




(wakes up at reasonable hour) (stays in bed for two more hours)

(goes to bed at a reasonable hour)(stays awake for two more hours)




Despite having pink hair, a tragic backstory, and untold magic power, the narrator refuses to make you the main character

Nymphadora Tonks and the Non-Existant Side Story.

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Guy Laroche feathers

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A comic commissioned by Deltarno. Had a lot of fun writing and drawing this!

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