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August 10 2017

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How I pratice drawing things, now in a tutorial form.
The shrimp photo I used is here
Show me your shrimps if you do this uvu 

PS: lots of engrish because foreign 

This is the best art advice ever and you should all listen to it because it’s basically what I’ve been telling people for years.


i was not expecting that to actually work


This feels like one of those pieces of advice that are so brilliant that as soon as you have read it, it feels blindingly obvious. 

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Absolutely blessed pure post

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conjugation of “whomst”

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NASA’s Most Shocking Image

This image is a 1.5… *BILLION* pixel photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy.

To view the image in all its glory go here.

NASA is the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

alltogetherterrible oh gosh

I zoomed in and I was like “yeah right” while it loaded and then my jaw actually dropped 

holy shit

i mean i knew theoretically what this was supposed to look like, but i didn’t actually expect to see it

but then when i zoomed in, all the noise turned into ACTUAL STARS, that you can see individually

good job, NASA

Good job NASA

NASA, next to the national parks, is America’s best idea, tbh.

Crit Kit - Portable Game Master Case with removable 12x12 tile slab, modular walls, and a dry erase board




Alas, this product has been sold, but it’s still fun to look at. Quite the wondrous item from Etsy storefront DungeonDealer, home of fine terrain pieces and the Dungeon Dealer MAZE card decks for on the fly dungeon generation.

Please mass produce

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I never made a post about draft horses. :T They are the gentle giants of the horse world, sometimes growing as large as 20 hands and over 2000 lbs. The tallest horse in the world is an American-type Belgian horse named Big Jake (I think???).


A very big (but good) boy!

Despite their size, draft horses are known for their quiet, even temperaments, which make them good work horses. They were originally bred to pull wagons and plows, and they still do that. The most famous draft horses are probably the Budweiser Clydesdales, i.e. the horses in those Superbowl commercials that make us cry every goddamn year.


Draft horses can be ridden, and they are often crossed with lighter breeds, such as Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, to create tall, sturdy-boned, quiet sport horses.


Such horses were a common sight during foxhunts, as “hotter” breeds, like Arabians and Thoroughbreds, tend to lose their minds a bit in the chaos of the hunt. Draft horses can also be crossed with Mammoth Jack donkeys to create draft mules, which are also used to pull plows for the Amish.

Mammoth Jack donkey:


Draft Mule:


There are a lot of draft breeds, some more common than others. Many of the common ones are easy to tell apart from the others, but they’re all large-boned and tall, except for the draft ponies, such as Halflingers and Norwegian Fjord horses.

The Belgian

There are two Belgian horses, one that’s popular in Europe and another that’s very common in the US.

This is the European-type “Brabant” Belgian, which tends to be very thick boned and roan in color.


This is the American-type Belgian, which is lighter-boned and always sorrel/palomino in color:


Here is a Brabant Belgian mare pulling some shit:

A lot of draft horses really do enjoy pulling stuff, as much as a horse CAN enjoy doing anything that’s not eating grass and farting. Horse pulls are a common sight in Middle America, often done using Belgian horses. Here’s one of a team pulling 9200 lbs. They pull for a very short period of time, often only a few seconds.

Next up is the Percheron, which has a similar body type to the Belgians but are always black or dapple. They can be slightly more spirited than Belgian horses, with some demonstrating high stepping action.


They are not to be confused with Friesians, who have much more “feathered” legs and feet (long hair around the lower legs) and are lighter-boned. Friesians also don’t come in dapple colors, like the horse at the top of this post.


Clydesdales are recognizable because they are a) always bay colored and b) almost always have four white socks and a blaze on their faces. They also have much more feathering on their legs than Percherons or Belgians. Clydesdales are more common in parades and the like because they tend to be slightly lighter than Percheron and Belgians, and because of this, they’re more agile and “showy”. You probably would not want to plow with a Clydesdale. You could, but their feathering means their feet get dirty much easier than a Belgians might.


Shire Horse

Shires come in a variety of colors, usually black or bay, and they are probably the most “feathered” horses of the popular breeds. They’ve got lots of fur on their feet.


Gypsy Vanner Horses

Gypsy Vanner horses got their start pulling Roma wagons, but now they’re mostly used in fantasy photoshoots, and you can see why. They are beautiful horses, definitely not the type you’d want toiling in the muck. They are almost always paint colored, which distinguishes them from Shire horses.


These are the main, most popular and commonly seen full-sized draft breeds, at least in the US. However, there are also draft ponies, the most popular of which is the Halflinger, which resembles a shrunken Belgian horse. They are ALWAYS sorrel/palomino colored, but their frame can vary. Some Halflingers are lighter-boned and more suitable for riding. Others are thicker-boned and better for pulling.


The other unmistakable draft pony is the Norwegian Fjord, easily recognized by the black stripe in the center of its mane, like a reverse ice cream sandwich.


This can lead to some creative hair cuts


So there you go. That’s a somewhat comprehensive review of draft horse breeds. Here is a size comparison for funsies, with the average riding horse in the middle.


Smaugust #09


Forest Dragon!  This one was a bit faster than the other ones and it was the point where I hit a ‘snap’ point.  This is what I wanted to hit with the corgis, but I never did.  I am going to continue those in September.  It looks like I can get the dragons done pretty fast and the corgis should go just as fast…. now that I’m not mourning the loss of my corgi. The snap point is where I’m not just…

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2017 Inkas Huron

I rarely post vehicles but this thing was interesting enough to warrant it. Built on a Kenworth T370 4x4 chassis, it seats 12 plus the driver and co-pilot. Equipped with B6 level armor, front and rear turrets, 6 cameras, hydraulic plow and 46″ tires. If you have $399,999 then you can have your own personal APC. (GRH)

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Patreon reward for  oblivionzero!

What use does money even have for a kobold.

August 09 2017

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Jewel Rider Mermaids 🐳💦

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

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Thank you… Therru.



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“Where the HELL have you been?!” -Neville 

Let me tell you about a story of growth. It’s a short story. 

The model I chose for this challenge (Crystal Nichol) was one of the first models I ever worked on (ever) on the show. She was our she-wolf bar maid. 
So she got to see me at the very beginning. NO experience, no idea how to compartmentalize all the materials at my fingertips, how to set things up, or how to even put on a bald cap. I was a MESS. 

Fast forward to the semi-finals. 
She walked in, we grinned, we hugged, I had things all set up for a calm and collected application, quick to get the bald cap on… 
She smiled, and looked at me and said something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, look at you! You had no idea what to do in the first episode, and look how much you’ve grown, I’m so proud of you!!!” 

She’d barely even looked at the makeup at that point! The fact that she saw such an improvement told me that yes, I was indeed learning and improving, and it brought tears to my eyes to see her so proud and happy to see my accomplishments!!! 

Crystal was a huge cheerleader, and a major trooper, putting up with the poor vision in that makeup. You’re a hero. 






“i wish pokemon were real!”

beedrill is three feet tall

yeah but lets be real here if it meant I could live in a world with completely free healthcare and take tours across entire countries on foot with superpowered animal/else companions I would fight a hundred fucking beedrill at once naked with only a butter knife

as i say every time i see this post,

you can catch beedrill and earn the purest fucking love from its little bee heart with a muffin you earn playing a minute of yarn toss

beedrill is not your enemy

Let’s think about life in the Pokemon world for a minute…

First of all, there’s universal free healthcare across the planet. That’s more that a lot of places in our world can say. Moreover, fresh water on this world is apparently so nutrient-rich that it can cure moderate injuries, to say nothing of what berries can do. Therefore, the inhabitants of this world are probably very physically healthy, and those with disabilities (who by default cannot be “healthy”) don’t have to worry about losing their healthcare due to lack of money.

Politics-wise, there isn’t much of a government. Despite this, the world seems relatively peaceful. Private individuals, some as young as eleven, can be expected to deal with crime themselves. War has occurred in the past, but the general political sentiment appears to be very anti-war - cruelty is strongly frowned upon.

Economically, it’s true that there are some people with economic issues - like that one dude in Mauville Hills in ORAS - but generally there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of homelessness or poverty. Some people are more well-off than others - vastly so in some cases - but largely poverty doesn’t seem to exist.

Then there’s the wildlife.

Strange, supernatural creatures of unknown origin and great power populate this planet. An unarmed adult human is no match for even one of these creatures. But the vast majority of the wildlife is extremely friendly to the point where it’s almost all domesticated. Small children are given these creatures as companions and allowed to go out into the open world with them, as they will be safe and able to survive. 

Even the scariest of these monsters can be tamed with love and care. Beedrill will love you if you toss yarn at it, sure. So will things like Gyarados, Hydreigon, and the Pokemon equivalent of Lucifer. No Pokemon is untameable so long as you are kind to it.

This in turn has fostered a culture of kindness. It is infinitely more rewarding to be kind to the living creatures around you. Those who are cruel are quickly steamrollered by those who build up close, loving bonds. Even then, a lot of people are concerned that this society of love and kindness is somehow too cruel (to the point where it was the entire plot of gen V).

That love and kindness is extended to all humans. People trust random strangers who walk into their homes. Items are randomly just given out on the street, often for no reward beyond a warm fuzzy feeling. Almost comical levels of generosity and acceptance are expected on this planet. And if you decide to betray that and take advantage of people…

Well, I hope you like having your ass kicked by an adorable eleven-year-old with a nice hat and a yarn-loving Beedrill.








Why do you like sharks?

he walk

He cronch

He roll

She give high fin. @lilragekitten

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Visiting the island of Socotra in Yemen can seem like you’re on another planet. More than 30% of the island’s plant life, including the dragon blood tree that bleeds bright red sap when it’s cut, isn’t found anywhere else on earth. Source Source 2

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andrew and i went to the mall today and there was a store called boxlunch that neither of us had ever heard of but when we went in i was like “this seems like a less goth teen hot topic” so i looked it up and it’s literally owned by hot topic but marketed toward people who no longer feel comfortable navigating around hot topic teens but still wanna pay too much for nerd shit

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